Thursday, September 27, 2012


My dear brother Matthew turned 24 this week! His great wifey organized a sweet surprise and we pulled it off! We went out for sushi and he was very surprised and it was an awesome time to be with some people that I love a lot. Family and food...two of my very very favorite things in life.
Great job, Al.

"Sneaky shirt!"
 We ate SO MUCH FOOD. And it was so great. And for dessert we got deep fried cheesecake (cheesecake tempura...)! And these weird Japanese ice cream balls that rocked.

It is such a blessing to be with family and I love mine. Matthew and I reminisced on the surprise party that he threw for me freshman year...what a sweet brother I have.

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  1. ahahahaha.... i laughed out loud when i saw the title of this post. good one, sis! :) so many things: 1. surprises are the BEST. 2. seriously so sad i wasn't there for this. 3. great work with the pictures. especially the surprise-face. 4. matthew's hair-part. 5. what the heck is a sneaky shirt?? 6. you called me really late last night. and for once i was actually already in bed, asleep. 7. there is no number seven, i just wanted to keep this list going. plus seven is my favorite number.


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