Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that my list of 21 before I'm 21, which actually is only 11 things, has not been the huge success I had anticipated. Summer was not as productive as I'd planned (not that I'm upset at all) and I couldn't even take the time to brainstorm 10 more goals for myself, much less complete them. BUT, all hope is not lost and I'm not too disappointed in myself, because I have completed a few.

I did see a movie by myself, though it was almost completely disappointing. I still want to do it again and see a worthwhile movie so give me your suggestions. Preferably at the cheap theater :)

If you count the one we did weekly at Camp T, I have been in a flash mob! I loved every moment of it, so I'll count it. I'd still love to be in a real giant one someday...someday.

The most exciting and most recent one that I can check off my list is that I got a new camera! And I love it. It's name is Tupac, for weird and random reasons that only a few people understand (but I'll explain if you're curious), and I LOVE IT. I haven't had a huge opportunity to use it yet, but get pumped. I'm planning on sewing a strap cover (copying Abby...sorry I'm not sorry), so that will help check another thing off my list!
I've also worked a little at learning the lyrics of Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (maybe instead of doing homework) and I'm doing pretty well, I would say.
In other news, Thanksgiving was a joy, as always. I absolutely love my family, though we really missed Cathy and Marielle. And before we left the Springs, I got some Dutch Bros, which I've been so missing since my Spokane days.
 Life is good. I'm done with the semester two weeks from today! Yippeee!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet vacation and uncomfortable moments

It's Thanksgiving Break! Praise the Lord. This is what I need. Time to hang out with my best friends. Time to enjoy sunsets. Time to have tea parties. Time to sleep til noon. Time to walk and chat and be lazy and just be. That's our favorite thing to do, Abby's and mine. To just be. And boy, are we good at it! It's the best...you should try it sometime.

Best friend time included hugs, food, WOPing, stories, and laughs. It feels so good to be together again.

Instead of Campaigners this week, we did a tea party with the Wyldlife girls and it was perfect! We wore tutu's and tiaras, told fairy stories, shared highs and lows of the week, drank tea, and ate delicious treats. These girls are too much fun. 

Liv and I got our nails done today. I finally came to the realization that I feel the most uncomfortable when I'm in a nail salon. There's somewhat of a language barrier, not to mention the nail jargon, and there are all these things that you're expected to know that I don't know because I rarely get my nails done. And I went dressed like this, so I couldn't have looked less like I belonged there if I had tried. Regardless, it was fun sister bonding time.

Jaime and I went to Stuft tonight, which is a great burger place that I'd never been to before. You get to build your own burger and name it...mine was called the Spicy Ell Bell. It was pretty delish. Then we watched these two soccer movies, mostly by coincidence, that are both great. Love me some teenage soccer rom-com's.

Thanksgiving Break and time off from the normal routine remind me how good it is to be together. Life is grand.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tis the season

Last night, I showed up to team meeting and said, "Guys, guess what I was listening to on the way over here!" Both Greg and Alan, AT THE SAME TIME, said, "Justin Bieber." Feels good to know that my team knows me so well. But they were actually wrong...it was Christmas music!!! It's time, everyone. I realize Thanksgiving is a week away but I think that rule sucks. The Christmas spirit is getting me through hours of terrible studying and I love it. As soon as I have time, I'll be watching Elf and the Grinch. CAN'T WAIT.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Dump

AHH I have fallen so far behind on blogging and I'm sad about it. This post will just be one big photo dump, perhaps with some captions, because I really should be studying and not blogging. This is my compromise. Enjoy some pictures from the last couple weeks...

Kenyon Halloween Party...my theory on costumes: when in doubt, wear an 80's outfit + a tutu

Young Life Halloween Party...Amanda and I LOVE dancing together. Dance parties are our favorites!
Liv's softball banquet...she's a stud!
Beautiful sunset from the Hardings...it lasted forever!

Vegan Thanksgiving/birthday celebration...delish.
Birthday Girl!
My gift for her...and for me ;)
We both got to vote for the first time on Liv's 18th birthday!!
Max's birthday celebration at Waffle House with Team Kinard

That's what's been happening here. Also, I just got back from Wyldlife Snow Camp and it was wonderful...but I'm saving that for another post. Happy Monday! Happy 4 days til Thanksgiving break :):):)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Precious babies

Here's a little something to brighten your day. I got to spend a whole 24 hours by myself with these guys and their sister...they're the cutest. But also enough work to remind me of the joys of being far from the mom stage of life.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pure gold

Maybe I'm just in the right mood for it, but this made me laugh til I cried:

Also, this:

Press On

I am so longing for this:
This, my friends, is perfection. Cozy clothes. A sunny couch. A good book. Sweet Izzy. And nothing on my to-do list. Seriously, this is what I am craving. In two weeks, I'll get a mini taste during Thanksgiving Break. Then three weeks after that, I am home free. It's coming fast, folks. So for now, I will press on.
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