Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My dad woke me up on Labor Day (uh...yesterday? holy crap, it seems like ages ago) to see if I wanted to go get breakfast burritos at Cafe Mexicali. Who knew they even served breakfast burritos? We called and found out they would switch to the lunch menu in 28 minutes, so the four of us quickly piled into the car and made our way over there. While we were eating our [freakin delicious] burritos, my mom suggested that we do one spontaneous thing every week as a family. Isn't she cute? She said anyone can suggest it and everyone else has to say yes (she should know this is a dangerous rule). And I added that I would be photographing our spontaneous adventures. Then I talked the three of them into sharing a piece of tres leches cake with me...very good choice.

The productive thing I did yesterday was take all of my coins to exchange them for cash. And I got $30 - SCORE. The picture below is of the box I had been keeping my coins in. I'm pretty sure I inherited it from Cathy in 4th grade, along with her room, when she left for college. She had decorated it with lovely pictures of pretty scenery, girly things, and Enrique Iglesias. Nice, sis! After cashing in my coins, I decided it was time for a new home for future spare change. I got this cool glass container from ARC for $0.99 and made it into a Pinterest craft.

Mustache puns are the best. So are candles with yummy fall scents.


  1. I LOVE THIS RULE!!! Ahhhhh I wish I were there!! Also I wish I had tres leches cake... I am trying to detox from like a month of terrible terrible eating (this is day one and I am starrrrving... not looking good.)

    Also, how could you get rid of Enrique??!?

    1. I need to seriously stop eating so much crap. But I can't. Teach me? HA. Would you like me to keep that box for you?? Don't you like my new craft???


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