Thursday, May 9, 2013


Some people don't love their birthday. Sometimes I think I won't love my birthday because I feel overwhelmed and think I don't want to be the center of attention...but really I do want to be the center of attention for a day. And it's the best! Birthdays are really great and 21st birthdays are really great.

I started my birthday weekend on Friday with a Rockies game...we weren't actually celebrating my birthday but it's fine. Rockies games are fun because they make my heart feel like summer. On Saturday, we watched sweet Grace play in the Jazz Band at the Cinco de Mayo festival - yay! We got some freakin good tacos from the Mexican American vendors. Then we headed to the Soccer Complex to watch her game. That place holds so many memories for me and I was just loving it. It was warm and sunny, the mountains were beautiful, and I got to reminisce on the peak of my athletic career (about 8th grade or so...). I also painted my nails while watching the game.

That night, my awesome parents let me invite a bunch of friends to celebrate with a yummy Cinco de Mayo meal. It was a very random group of friends but they were all people I love and it was so good to be together. After some Scattergories and fire-pit s'mores, we headed out for my first legal drinks! Being 21 is fun.

On Sunday, I had a lovely lunch with my parents and Olivia. They got me the most thoughtful gifts and made me feel so very celebrated and loved. That evening, I went to the Rio with 2 of my very best friends, Katie and Amanda. While we were waiting for a table for three, I looked up and saw Abby standing in front of me. She had told me she was coming home from Indianapolis the day after my birthday, but she and Katie had been scheming to surprised me. I immediately screamed and started bawling. (Right at that moment, a couple of the Camp T directors came over to say hi to me...they felt a little uncomfortable by my display of emotion - oops.) I have the best best friends!

Will stopped by the Dollar Store and got me some Cinco de Mayo birthday accessories - so fun!

After dinner, we hung out at Amanda's house and looked at the Best Friend book that Amanda had made for a class this's the story of our group of 7 best friends. Abby read it aloud to us (because that's one of her favorite things). What a perfect celebration of friendship and life on my birthday! My heart was full.

To finish off my birthday night, we went to Luscious Nectar, a "juice lounge."I hate the name but it was fun! They serve alcoholic slushies and they were delish.

Birthdays really are the best ever and I have the absolute best friends and family. They love me well and make me feel celebrated, and my life is full because of them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Happy, Happy, Happy"

This is so cool. You really should watch the whole thing.

"It's actually too wild a story to dream up by human beings, especially sinful ones."
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