Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holy junk

The last few days could not have been any better...really. Our family has way too much fun together. The weekend was filled with birthday celebrations, church services, Just Dance 2 on the Wii, reading for hours, playing/cuddling with the dog, giving awesome gifts, good food...I could go on. Here are some pictures from bowling, Christmas day, and our Christmas party with my mom's side of the family on the 26th. Cathy had the idea to set up a photo booth...brilliant. It was a huge hit and now we have sweet pictures of everyone!

 Dad's sweatsuit from the 80's
 Dad's new sweatsuit!

 great book+puppy+sunny couch=perfection

 Obsessed with Alex's new hat/scarf/gloves thing..

 The stocking stuffers I made!
 Mom made us all presh aprons

And the photo booth pictures begin...enjoy :)

p.s. I apologize for being lazy on the writing part the last few posts...but I figure pictures are more fun anyway!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Parties and people I love

Merry Christmas Eve! I can hardly contain my excitement for the official festivities to begin. I literally can't wait for delicious food and more laughter. I'm most looking forward to opening our Christmas stockings tomorrow afternoon...this year, we switched it up. Usually mom and dad (I mean Santa) fill the stockings, but this year we're all filling each others'...one stocking stuffer from each person. I decided to be crafty and I'm so pumped for my fam to see my creations!

On Wednesday, my 6 best friends and I had our Christmas party, a tradition that started last year. We do Secret Santa and each bring a yummy food item (or two) that we made, and this year we wore our finest tacky Christmas outfits. Everyone's Secret Santa gifts were perfect. We finished the night by looking at Christmas lights, playing a hilarious game, and watching Never Say Never (Justin Bieber's movie and my gift from Amanda...obv, I'm in love).

Martin, Marielle, Alex, and Matthew came up to join us yesterday. We spent awhile playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii...it is incredible. Then we commenced a late birthday celebration for my dad. We started the night off with some family bowling, which was hilarious. Dinner was at Hu Hot, a Mongolian grill that we LOVE. By the end of the meal, we all felt like exploding, but it was definitely worth it. To really treat my dad to a good time, we ended the night by watching Cowboys & Aliens, a real quality film.

Having the whole family home is always my favorite thing ever. Hope you're preparing for a wonderful Christmas, too!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Phoenix, 2011: Mama Hen gets married!

Danielle's wedding was beautiful and I LOVED hanging out with my best friends in Arizona. We got all spiffed up and had fun being our crazy selves with each other. The ceremony was great and the dancing was seriously awesome! These are only pictures from my camera so there may be more to come. We are also in the process of making a video of the weekend...I'll post it here if you're lucky.

Also, when I got home, I got to see my awesome family. Here's our team huddle...who knows how that started.
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