Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break 2012!

So basically this post is just a huge overload of pictures from Spring Break. My parents, Olivia and I went to San Diego last week, just for fun. We stayed with my dad’s pastor friend who lives on a ridiculously beautiful property that is owned by his church. It features a pool, a tennis court, and a hot tub, not to mention the beautiful flowers, fruit trees, and scenery. Basically, we want to move in.

San Diego overwhelmed my senses. Outside of the little guest house we stayed in, the delicious smell of flowers filled the air. Watching the waves come in and the sun come down was beautiful. And the sound of the waves…deafening but so perfect. The sun was warm and the ocean was take your breathe away and never give it back freezing. I felt like I had sand in all the wrong places for pretty much the whole week and I got crazy sunburned, like a fool, but it was obviously way worth it. And we made eating good food top priority, keeping in true McDermott fashion. Jack also gave us some scotch because he is a scotch connoisseur...whew, not my fav.

We spent the week mostly relaxing and it was perfect. Each day started with sleeping in until 11 or 12. Then we would spend the afternoon either reading by the pool or driving to a beach to walk and read. After going out to dinner or eating outside the guest cottage, we would watch a movie. We spent one day walking around San Diego and I read two books, just for fun! We missed the older kids a lot and reminisced about our last trip to San Diego with everyone (+ Jonathan Baker, -Marielle and Alex) 7 years ago. This time around was definitely more mellow but was just what I needed from my Spring Break.

 Oflo getting warmed up for senior pictures coming up in a few months...cray-cray.

 The three girls got pretty good at Blackjack...with Lifesavers for poker chips (they spark in the dark!)

 It was warm but not HOT. The Haitian girl bundled up on the first beach day while I desperately tried to get some color.




 Nightly Redbox run...everyone's excited!

  Dad was really missing his sons...
 ...but he found a random teenage boy to throw the frisbee with him!

 Olivia wrote this before tragedy struck...
 Nightly movie on the couch!

 PINKBERRY. Totes the best hun cal froyo. Every guy should have a knowledge of it. Oh also, I made a rule on the trip (slash a new life rule) that we had to stop at any new froyo place we passed...great choice. How else will I know what's the best of the best??

 Teriyaki mahi mahi sliders, sweet potato fries, and fish tacos at Fish Market, sitting right on the water.

 I made him pose for the picture, but obviously he thought this one up on his own.

 Seals and big waves at La Jolla! Thought of Grandma Gorshing while we were there.

Movies we watched:
Midnight in Paris...too much history for Olivia, too weird for Dad, Ellen and Mom say pretty cute.
Social, Mark Zucherberg and every other Harvard guy featured in the movie...douches.
Footloose...still love it, still made me wanna go to Sundance.
Hugo...a little weird but overall I liked it.
Crazy, Stupid, Love...duh, I still love it. Dad felt awkward (Mom and Olivia had seen it and already knew awkward was coming). 
The Mighty Macs...Dad cried his eyes out. I thought it was a good (true) story but pretty corny.

Books I read:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...crazy intense and scary to read before going to bed but super good.
Plain Truth...another book by Jodi Picoult and I loved it, of course.
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