Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making Happiness and Memories

I think I've written before about the woman I visit in the nursing home. I'm sure I'll be sharing her insight throughout the year, so I'll call her Lucy (not her real name...learning lots about confidentiality these days, woo).

Lucy talks a lot about growing up and about her family. She always tells me about how she's lived a good life and, even though they didn't have much money, they were happy. She also talks about her current situation and points out that she doesn't love being there, but she decides to be happy. I always need these reminders, even every 20 minutes, as is her custom.

The advice Lucy gives most often is to have fun and enjoy life while I'm young, because that's what I'll remember. This prompts me to take school into perspective. I realize I stress way too much over this paper or that test. Now, maybe I'm using this advice as an excuse for my lack of motivation these days. But I really do think it's important not to stress so much about the daily obligations, but to soak up every precious moment spent with the people we love.

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