Saturday, October 15, 2011


Another great weekend...and it's not over! Love having 3-day weekends every week. Which is why I'm planning next semester's schedule around Tuesday/Thursday classes.

First of all, one of my best friends has been in town this weekend. Ah, how I've missed Katie. So the weekend officially started on Thursday, when I got to hang out with her. We went to small group, which was just game night this week. And I loved that, of course. Then got some yummy Qdoba breakfast burritos with her on Friday, to reward me for my run (and to cancel out any calories I burned...wouldn't wanna lose those babies). Time spent with Katie is automatically refreshing.

Then I headed down to Denver and the drive took me AN HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. Love that traffic. Spent some time in Panera and got homework done until every middle school kid in Greenwood Village took it over. Then I creepily stole glances at all the kids, half hoping and half being super nervous that I would see one of my campers from this summer. No luck.

In cooking class, we made King's Casserole (I think that's what it's called) and carrot cake...all so delicious. And we ended the night with our new usual...a Friday night puzzle...which we didn't finish, and the very small OCD part of me is wishing I could be down there right now to complete it.

After some good football watching with Porky this afternoon, I went to Danielle's bridal shower at Ceramics in the City! I hadn't seen Danielle in so long and it was a beautiful reunion. Lots of us chickens were there and we painted tiles for the lovely couple.

 Mama Hen, Kim, and their Chickens :)

Blurry. But you're getting married and I love you, Mama Hen!

 Back in Fort Collins, on my favorite stretch of road..

Tonight, I went to Chili's with Katie, Amanda, Mike, Zach, and Jake. It was so good to be with part of our big group again and there was lots of laughter, as always. Then a few of us went to Amanda's and played ping pong, while listening to/watching Keith Urban and John Mayer on CMT Crossroads (perfection). I didn't get pictures of any of our faces at dinner, but our feet sure looked good. Plus it's Collins homecoming, which calls for a shoe pic!

Precious matching shoes

p.s. Just been wanting to listen to this all weekend...because when I listen to it, all I wanna do is dance. You can't tell me it's not good for that.


  1. let me guess who's feet...

    zach, mike, amanda, ellen..

    am i right?

    that's just straight up creepy that i did that...

  2. yep, so creepy. you're 100% correct.


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