Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Take 2

I don't feel like trick-or-treating is socially acceptable as a college student. But I also live at home, so it's not like I'm really trying to fit in, right? And Olivia needed someone to go with, so I gladly accepted. I really did want to rock my Ke$ha outfit again, but I thought it might be a little chilly. (Although, it was almost 70 degrees today and I wore shorts/tshirt/flip flops- beautiful.) But we stole Abby and Abba's costumes from Saturday and layered sweatshirts underneath. Warm and fashionable.

Abby and Abba's house was our first stop and Abba answered the door in a black hat and sunglasses. He was excited to see us and Abby laughed at our costumes. We didn't pull them off quite as well as they did, but we tried. It is so fun to have them close!


p.s. You can now shuffle all your stations on Pandora? Or has that always been possible? Anyways, it's pretty great.

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