Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Love

Today is a rainy day...perfect for blogging. And I had the best Friday to blog about. I'm only disappointed in myself for not taking pictures. Because I aspire to be a cool blogger/photographer. Not really...but maybe someday.

My Friday morning was pretty ordinary, but I headed down to Denver in the afternoon for Vivacious Vicky's Vegan Cooking Class...woo! Alex's mom has a few girls over and we cook a vegan dinner and dessert, and they are always delicious (the two times I've taken part)! We made rice, barbeque soy curls (look/taste kinda like chicken), ranch, and cole slaw. Sounds like a crazy combo all in one bowl, but it was so good! We had vegan cheesecake with apple/brown sugar topping and it was also wonderful. [Insert awesome food blog pictures...]

Then Alex, Kritika, and I went back to Matthew and Alex's house, where we found Matthew, Robert, and Drew. The six of us worked tirelessly on a super hard puzzle (Alex informed us that Oprah has the same!). This included lots of jokes and laughter. It was so simple and so much fun. I am blessed to have such incredible people in my life, and to live close to them!

I was distracted on the drive home by the dangerous downpour of rain and by the awesome CD I made yesterday (titled "Country, Baby!"). But when I got back, I realized it was back to reality and the next visit with the love of my life (Friday) was a week away. Sad. Really sad. But it will come sooner than I think and it will be glorious, I'm sure.

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  1. your words are so great. and creative. i don't even need pictures.

    because i can imagine you doing all of this stuff without them.



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