Thursday, April 5, 2012

New babysitting experiences

Last weekend I went to the mountains with the family I babysit for. They have a four year old daughter and newborn twin boys. They were wanting to ski together on Saturday, so they took me along to watch the boys while they went. Even though I'm with their family two mornings a week, I felt like somewhat of an awkward intruder on their lives. I guess because we were all sleeping in the same house, eating meals together, and spending downtime together. The parents are in their early thirties so I feel like they're young enough that we can relate on many levels. By the end of the weekend, I was tired and had done my fair share of bottle-feeding, diaper-changing, and Barbie/stuffed animal-playing. But it was a really great time to get away and do something different! A couple funny things about the weekend...
1. I watched parts of Jackass 2 and The Shining on TV with Abby's dad...not usually part of a typical workday as a babysitter.
2. Abby talked about her vagina when I was giving her a bath. Meaning she casually said the word "vagina" multiple times. Her mom walked by and I was laughing and probably looking shocked, so she apologized and assured me that "It's innocence." This is the same girl who is known to say "bosom" on occasion.

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