Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Blooming...

So I've read more of Bloom by Kelle Hampton. I haven't finished yet but oh my, is it good! I read it for both entire flights to and from San Diego last weekend. And, on the plane, I was laughing and crying and loving that family even more. I kept trying to subtly wipe my eyes so the people around me wouldn't be worried, but I really was struggling to hold it together (side note: Kelle Hampton writes that she's a crier too!!!). I'm sure people were already questioning my book choice, because it really does look like a parenting book (and I guess it is, kinda). There was a baby that literally screamed for most of the flight and when we were nearing our destination, the man next to me asked if my book said anything about how to make that baby stop crying...ha.

But all that is besides the point. I love this book and it makes me cry and smile, lots. What really got me was reading about Kelle's conversations with her siblings surrounding Nella's birth and the discovery that she has Down's Syndrome. Because I know my siblings and I would support each other in similar ways in that situation. And just the thought of that incredible support makes my throat get tight.

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