Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last Friday, Katie, Amanda, and I packed all of our warm clothes and headed off on an adventure. We decided a couple weeks ago that we should go to the XGames in Aspen. Everything worked out wonderfully and we got to stay in the condo in Carbondale.
We stopped at the City Market in Glenwood to pick up some food and were lucky enough to be there during the sales pitch of this knife lady...ha. She gave us some weird plastic knives that can (supposedly) cut cool designs in apples and such...super useful. Then we listened to her presentation in hopes that we would get some more random knives. When it became apparent that she wasn't giving out every knife for free, we felt awkward and snuck away when she was looking the other direction. Anyway, really random and bizarre experience.

So we got to the condo, which was just redone after a flooding incident and looks really great, and we made sure to get some pictures with our new knives (since I didn't have a camera to document the experience in City Market).

Oh, just some nice family photos.

 Pushing the camera button, running back to the couch, and flipping upside down proved to be quite the challenge.
 Organized by hair color...normal.
 Up on the Superpipe on Friday night!

 No zoom!

On Saturday night, after scoring free stuff (swag) and watching crazy stuff at the XGames, we drove around Aspen, did a puzzle, had dinner with my aunt and uncle, and took a trip to the Glenwood Hot Springs. It was wonderful. Then we had some girl talk while eating snacks on our slumber party king-size bed.  
On Sunday, Uncle Tom and Aunt Dodo took us to a delicious breakfast at the Village Smithy in Carbondale. Then our journey back to Fort Collins began. It was a little long, but we entertained ourselves by blowing Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape bubbles and holding our breath through the Eisenhower tunnel (while dancing to "Look at Me Now" and driving at about 20 mph).

Amanda was our responsible driver for most of the trip :)

The totes awes weekend didn't even end when I returned to Fort Collins. On Sunday night, I got to spend a little bit of time with my family, including Abby, Abba, Matthew, Alex, and Cathy! And I spent Monday morning helping with precious baby twins, Trey and Luke, and their 4 year-old sister, Abby. I'm so very excited that that will be my job for the semester!! I'm back to school, but looking forward to my upcoming trips to Indianapolis and the Bahamas. Holy cow, my life is rough.

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