Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Title

Sometimes I just don't know what to title my posts. Sometimes that's the hardest part.

When I spend my time blogging and watching Friends and such, instead of doing homework, I don't even feel like I'm in school. It's the greatest thing! Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks that I forgot about...
 On our father-daughter road trip to Colorado Springs
 I'm a sucker for pretty landscapes and, most of all, skies

 Amanda, Katie and I hiked Horsetooth and decided to be adventurous mountain women instead of taking the usual route up the rock. It was the day we were foolish fools and the day we almost died. And the day we (I) fell on the ice several (painful) times.

 Amanda's really good at taking self-pictures.
 I clearly have more practice. I mean...
 We found the trail again!
 Told you.
 I like to sit in my room in dim lighting and light yummy candles and sit on my couch and watch Friends. So good.
 Tonight, I wanted to make some yummy food in the apron my mom made me for Christmas. I also needed to buy Oreo's for a Wyldlife game, so I decided to make Oreo Balls. I've had them a couple times but I've never made them myself. They are so delicious, it's mind-blowing.
 Oreo's and cream cheese in a food processor...
...dipped in white chocolate. Holy junk.

 I made everyone try them and show me their happy reactions...they weren't even faking!

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