Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once Upon a December

Snowy nights are perfect for chick flick-watching, so tonight I watched Anastasia.
If you haven't seen it ever, or not in awhile, you need to. It's so great. And has an awesome love story and good music. I was telling my sister the other day that Dimitri is one of my favorite Disney men. He's dreamy.

Also, there have been so many things lately (Anastasia included) that have made me really really miss singing. I was always in choirs and such growing up, but I haven't been really singing (besides singing along with whatever music I'm listening to) since I graduated from Collins. And I really miss it. So...brainstorming ideas of singing opportunities if you think of anything :)

p.s. In other random news, middle school kids be cray-cray.

p.p.s. AH! First of all, I like this song, even if it's not cool to like Adele. Second of all, I LOVE them! So enjoy :)

I saw their first video awhile ago and it's also precious, so check it out. More things that make me want to sing!!!

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