Sunday, January 22, 2012

Peace and Blessins

First of all, this video has nothing to do with my post. I only want you to appreciate the title of this post, so feel free to watch it if you're curious. It'll always be a favorite to quote.

HA. Ok, moving on. I just got to Skype with my old Whitworth roommate, Aimee, and it was really great. It made me nostalgic for Whitworth and my year there, which is weird. Because while I was there (mostly during second semester), even between fun days, I felt incredibly unhappy. When I wasn't in my room, I usually tried to put on a face, but I was really struggling. But looking back, I miss the super fun girls that lived in my dorm, weekly (or bi-weekly) dance aerobics, eating meals with friends, all the weird Whitworth traditions that I thought were ridiculous and the even weirder little bubble of a community, and being awkward at my brother's house with his roommates who actually really grew on me. Looking back from a distance, when I'm not experiencing the sadness that sometimes consumed me that year, I realize I was very blessed. Regardless of my emotional state a year ago or even now, I am so incredibly blessed. By the people I'm surrounded with and by the experiences I've been apart of.

Kelle Hampton blogged a couple weeks ago about picking a word for the year. At the time, nothing was really weighing on my heart, but the first couple weeks of 2012 have been full of reflection and thinking about the future. Just now, I've decided that my word will be embrace. I want to be continually reminding myself (and you can remind me, too) to embrace whatever is going on. To be present in the here and now. Not to mourn whatever frustrating circumstances or overwhelming schedule I am in the middle of, but to embrace each experience that I have the opportunity to be apart of. Because we are so blessed and life is too much fun.

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