Monday, November 21, 2011

Life in color

What a great day! I got to enjoy 'Doba breakfast burritos and take a trip to Target with Olivia, and then picked Cathy and Jake up at the airport. Then, I went to DP Dough with Abby, Mike, and Zach. After some thrifting, we visited Nick. He got his wisdom teeth out today, so we got some froyo at Spooners. The three boys are just weird (and sometimes embarrassing in public) but we love them anyway.

Tonight was the best part of my day, for sure. Abby has been dying to craft and I'm not about to turn that opportunity down. So we made a Michaels/Target run and set to work on our creations with Amanda and Jared. Turns out, melted crayon art is actually way harder than it looks. But it was our first time! And it was super fun...we love being crafty and creative, especially while listening to *Nsync Pandora. I'll try this project again sometime to see if I can perfect the talent.

 Amanda's (rain) and Jared's (fire)

The 4 (almost) finished products...Amanda, Abby, and I are planning on adding quotes to ours.

I love spending the whole day with people I love and not having to worry about anything. I can barely contain my excitement for tomorrow night...line dancing at Sundance!

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