Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm a crier.

I skipped my morning classes today, just because. And it felt great. I watched Father of the Bride while I did a very minimal amount of homework. It made me cry. Because I LOVE weddings (ha) and because I'm a crier. That runs in the family, but I'm especially bad. Which makes me think maybe I won't be able to get married, because I would be a mess. But they would be happy tears, of course.
If I cried this much before Matthew and Alex's wedding, what would I do at my own?
Days like today are so good. I've really decided that taking time for ourselves is important. And if that means not going to school, great! Just don't tell my parents...oh wait, I live with them.


  1. i love love LOVE that you cry so much! seriously!

    and the next wedding that you cry at, we'll be at together! and it's going to be AWESOME.


  2. Ellen I can relate to you on that level my dear!! your awesome!


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