Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's official!

It's after Thanksgiving and tomorrow is December 1st. Therefore, we're officially allowed to play Christmas carols, decorate with red and green, and get pumped for the holiday. Even though I've been doing at least two of the three for weeks.

I visited Lucy today and she had her Christmas decorations up, so I was inspired to go home and decorate our tree, instead of writing the paper that's due tomorrow. And now I'm blogging about it instead of writing that's fine.

Here are some of Lucy's decorations:

So after dinner, I put on Christmas Pandora and made my whole family gather in the family room to put our ornaments on the tree. Cathy mostly shared my enthusiasm, my mom was grateful for the help decorating, my dad kind of shook his head at my Christmas spirit, and Olivia just thinks I'm a crazy person...what's new?
 Ok, she did get into it a little bit

The finished product!

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