Sunday, November 6, 2011


 It has been a wonderful weekend! To start it all off, I got to babysit sweet baby Jackson on Friday. He's probably the cutest baby ever...I'm serious. I chased him around the house a lot...he gets going and then gets a little ahead of himself and kinda face plants. But he's tough, so he just gets up and does it all again. We also took a little walk and he rode in the backpack carrier thing. During our walk, he would point and tell me what he saw, just not in real words. Too cute. He was also wearing overalls and high-top Converse...really too cute.
After that, I headed to Denver for Alex's birthday dinner with my family, her parents, Reagan, and Kritika. We ate at Root Down, which was delicious. Olivia opened her present from Matthew and Alex early...a Tulo jersey that she LOVES.
Saturday was my half-marathon. Considering how much pain I'm in as a result, I think it's ok for me to brag to the world (aka the 3 people that read my blog) that I did it! It was a struggle and my body might be sore for weeks, but I'm glad I did it and I accomplished my goal of 9:30 min/mile. My parents saw me off and I was so happy to see my #1 fans, Matthew and Alex, around miles 7 and 9, and at the finish line. They cheered loudly for me and held these signs:
They also sang this song as I ran by...if you haven't heard it, you've been missing out. So you're welcome.

Matthew got this picture as I ran across the finish line...I was pretty happy to be done.
 I spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing, literally...I took a bubble bath and watched three movies. Freedom Writers was on TV. I had forgotten how incredible that movie is (and it sure is a tear-jerker)! That teacher inspires me to pour myself into others. Olivia and I got Raising Cane's for dinner and watched Life as We Know It, which is a good one. I finished up the night by watching the last half of Seven Pounds, which is also a good crier. 

Today is Olivia's birthday, so we celebrated with some good food and another movie (I'm set for the month). We got Big City...delicious, as always. Then Olivia, Mom, and I went to see Footloose. Ah. I loved it. I wasn't a big fan of the main girl, the preacher's daughter, but the rest made up for that. It made me want to buy the soundtrack and REALLY made me want to go line-dancing. So that's in my plans for Thanksgiving break, and I can't wait! 

Birthday girl...Vanna Black

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