Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes, today!

Some days I feel just like this...and oh, how I love my sassy pants.
Today was mostly a success, I would say. To start, I went to yoga and then had lunch (at Cheba Hut!) with the other girl on my Wyldlife team, Max. Then I got some Starbucks and went to a movie by myself! I was hoping to check that one off my list but it wasn't the most successful of attempts because it was a super crappy movie. Ha. So I'll definitely try again for a more fulfilling experience. I saw "Friends with Kids." With the cast and the previews, it looked like it maybe had potential. And there were some redeeming parts (like the song at the beginning - "Hotel Song" by Regina Spektor). But mostly it was this depressing picture of marriage and all the guys were douche bags and all of the characters really just needed some Jesus in their lives. Luckily, I saw it at the cheap theater and only spent $2 for the ticket. I was half really glad I went alone because I would have felt bad for whoever watched it with me. The other half of me wanted to have someone along so I could vent afterwards about how weird it ended up being. Oh well.

I also got my room a little cleaner today, wrote 8 thank-you's, and watched an episode of Friends (my fav). Then I went with Olivia and Abby (and actually lots of other friends) to this great concert at Everyday Joe's coffeehouse. We went to see my friend's brother, who is the lead singer of You, Me, and Apollo. The last time I went, Brent was just playing by himself, but now he has this full band and they are so good! I'd totes recommend checking them out. They're really really great. And apparently about to make it big-time - so cool!

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