Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recipe for Snow Day Success

It's been quite the couple days here in Colorado. We're making up for the lack of snow all winter so it has been snowing pretty much nonstop since Monday morning. There is SO MUCH SNOW. CSU really just doesn't cancel classes, but my roommates convinced me to take a personal Snow Day yesterday. It was an excellent life choice. I was slightly productive and very happy.

Today classes were cancelled from noon on so I haven't left my house. Here's my recipe for a successful Snow Day:

1. Stay in bed and don't get dressed...keep holding out hope that they will notify you before your 1:00 class to cancel it.
2. Light some candles, put on some Etta James Pandora, and read The Great Gatsby (the movie comes out May 10th and I'm SO EXCITED. So I'm rereading it. The 1920's is one of the eras I'm convinced I should've been born into...along with the 1950's and 1980's.).

3. Listen to Lennon & Maisy. These girls are incredible and I love them. Amanda and I have learned Call Your Girlfriend and we're working on our video...

4. Drink a Vanilla Coke.
5. Cancel your babysitting job because the plows have conveniently and completely blocked your car in.
6. Don't think about the fact that your sister is here right now.
7. Write a blog post instead of a paper.

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