Wednesday, April 17, 2013

People are good

Sorry for the recent blog overload...I've had several posts brewing and I just can't help it.

I've heard and experienced a few things recently that have reminded me and encouraged me: people are good.

On a small scale...yesterday I uncovered my car and got in and my tires just spun in the snow. I tried to go in reverse and that didn't work either. So I started to run back to the house to grab a shovel when I heard someone shout, "Ma'am!" I turned to see a man running towards my car with a shovel. He shoveled quickly, probably assuming I was running late. I thanked him several times and got in my car. It still wouldn't move, so he shoveled some more. Still, my tires just spun. After digging some more, he got behind my car and pushed me out. I tried my hardest to convey how grateful I was as I pulled out of the neighborhood. He just said, "No problem, of course, you're welcome, ma'am," and headed back where he came from, several houses down the road.

This morning, after waking up to tons of snow and messy roads, my roommates and I peeked out the window to see two guys helping our roommate dig her car out. Apparently they passed her uncovering her car and just stopped to help. Then this afternoon, I headed outside to find my roommates and one of their boyfriends digging my car out. It was pretty darn stuck, so we spent awhile getting it out. Had I tried to do it alone tomorrow morning, it would have been nearly impossible.

But on a bigger scale, I've read a few articles about the Boston Marathon tragedy that have really impacted me. Many of the marathoners finished their 26.2 miles and continued running to Massachusetts General Hospital to donate blood for the victims. They had so many people willing to donate that they had to turn people away and stop accepting donations.

And please read what this man did:
(Brent Cunningham is the Regional Director of Young Life in Alaska and worked with my friend Bob for many years. What a cool man.)

People are good. Yes, our world is crazy and broken. But I refuse to lose hope because I see that people are good and I know that God is good.

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