Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dreams come true on Thursdays, too!

(Someone posted that on Facebook last week and it made me's become my new Thursday motto)

AH! I haven't blogged since March and it is already April 11th. How did that happen? I also never blogged about Spring Break - fail. Maybe someday.

Since it's been so long, I'm writing this during the class that I'm a TA for...I'm the best TA ever. Here are some pictures from a few events in the last couple weeks that were lovely.

1. Aaron Carter concert
Yes, that's right. Aaron Carter is on tour and he stopped in Fort Collins to play at the Aggie (at 1 in the afternoon...). Cool! Amanda and I found out about it the day before and we were SO PUMPED. We wore our snap-backs and I forced her to wear overalls so we would be 90s-ready. And it was the best! Oh, except for the fact that we both had places to be and Aaron didn't come on stage until way late. So Amanda missed him and I only saw one song. But it was exactly as you'd imagine an Aaron Carter concert to be and I loved it.

2. Easter
It was so great to be back in Arvada for our traditional Easter celebration. It was a beautiful day and we got to celebrate Jesus, life, and family. I won't apologize for the number of pictures of Jackson and Soren because they are freakin cute.

I think these pictures of Jackson are so funny...what a goon.

3. Rockies game, half-marathon, and Grandmother's 90th birthday
Last weekend was such an awesome time with my family. We went to a Rockies game on Saturday night...that is an indication that summer is coming, which is the best news ever. On Sunday, Alex and I ran the Platte River Half-Marathon. We had quite the cheering section: Mom, Dad, Olivia, Matthew, Chris, and Vicki all cheered us on at several locations throughout the course. Alex and I ran together for over half the race, we both survived, and we both finished with good times! Then we quickly cleaned ourselves up and headed to Colorado Springs to celebrate Grandmother's 90th birthday. It was such a sweet time to celebrate an amazing woman that has built an awesome family.

(Don't show Martin these pictures or he'll critique our running form...)

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  1. Love your life. You're such a good photographer. And obviously, super jealous about the fact that you guys got to see AC, wear overalls, and be together. WHAT!?


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