Friday, June 8, 2012

My heart is full

All I want to do right now is write an incredible blog post about my last week and a half at Camp T, but I can't possibly do it justice. It was full of laughter, dancing, Jesus, great food, and seriously out-of-control fun people...some of my very favorite things in the world. It was 11 days of bonding, working (cleaning, painting, building, etc), training, and fun-having with just counselors. I am continually amazed at how the Darroughs, the camp directors, and the leadership team pour into us and push us to grow immensely during Work Week and the rest of the summer. And I did grow. In these last two weeks, I felt like I was finally myself again, after far too long of not being that. The incredible community, gorgeous setting, and obvious presence of God has made my heart full. I feel more like myself and closer to the person that I want to be than I have felt in so long, and it is a wonderful feeling. I am so very blessed that this is my summer job! In 5 weeks, I will be back up there to be a second term counselor and I can't wait. I'm already dreaming of working at camp full-summer next year and praying that the Lord will lead me that direction.

I didn't take a single picture but stole a couple from some of the beautiful people I was blessed to live with during the last 11 days:

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