Monday, June 18, 2012

Life is freakin fun

I love my life. Great things that have happened recently:
1. Dinner and Just Dance 2 with Dan
2. Crafting for Father's Day with Katie & Christy...gotta love observing twin love
3. "Boot Scootin' Boogie" just came on Pandora as I started writing this list
4. Aunt/Uncle/Gparent/Cousin time for Father's Day
5. Being reunited with Abby after 3 weeks
6. Barefoot walk to Sonic last night for a corndog and cherry orgasms with Katie, Christy, and Abby
7. Totes awes music video making included "Call Me Maybe," roller blades, a Chinese fire drill, Slurpies, backwards neon hats, overalls, feather boas, a playground, an elementary classroom, a porta-potty, Katie and Abby, Olivia filming, and trampolines...translation: pure awesomeness
8. I feel like I should go work out but screw it, I'm going to the pool. I'll roller blade later for some exercise.
9. Yesterday I heard the ice cream truck and went sprinting down the stairs yelling to my family to give me some cash. Luckily, it stopped right across the street from us. Our across-the-street neighbor came out of her house and the ice cream truck man said, "Oh good, I wasn't sure which house it was." She proceeded to order 12 snow cones and a few other sweet treats. He gave them to her in a grocery bag and she paid him and said, "See you next Sunday." WHAT?!? Mind-blowing and bizarre. But apparently the ice cream truck will be ACROSS THE STREET EVERY SUNDAY?? Score. So weird but so great.

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