Sunday, January 27, 2013

2% of Hope

"Let hope be an option." The context of this quote is really irrelevant to this blog but I think it is so beautiful. It is something that resonates with me and something that I like to think I try to do. Where is this applicable in your life? Let hope be an option.

This weekend was one of deep community and I felt reassured and reminded of the Lord's faithfulness. I felt full of hope. I felt encouraged in my faith and supported in my life.

Tonight I went to Waffle House with my Wyldlife team (including 2 new members!!!) as is our tradition. We met a man who said he lived over at the Motel 6. He was a tall and skinny black man and was dressed in a suit (in Waffle House, mind you). On his way out he asked us if we knew who the rapper Nelly was. We said yes. "I was his drummer," he said. We said a few things aloud ("Wow!" "No way!" "That's awesome!"), but were all thinking another ("Right, Nelly's drummer is living at the Motel 6 next to Waffle House in Fort Collins, Colorado.")

I was telling a friend this story because I think it's super funny and I said something like, "I mean, I'm 98% sure it's false. But cool!" He said that he was 100% positive it was false, but I told him that I have to have that 2% of hope because it makes me feel good.

I think that 2% of hope that makes me feel good is why I do a lot of things that I do. It's why I wrote a letter to Tim Tebow to tell him how much we had in common and that I was available for marriage. It's why my friends and I called KissFM 126 times to try to win Justin Bieber tickets. It's why I give myself permission to make Pinterest boards full of all of my wedding and travel dreams. It must be why I go to the middle school and try to talk to kids that don't know me and that think I'm some weird high school girl that wanders around the lunchroom on Wednesdays. And I think it's good. It is important to let hope be an option. Important for the human spirit and for my soul. Important for the way I live my life. Important for the way I love other people. I pray that I always allow myself to let hope be an option, even if it seems as small as 2% and even if it feels smaller than 2%. Let hope be an option.

This feels somehow a little bit related so I'm sticking it in this same blog post. I'm seriously obsessed. "We can cry about it or we can dance about it."

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  1. I love so many things about this post. So many. Thanks for reminding me of this today.


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