Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 life-giving things from the recent past

If I were to summarize my winter break, besides the fact that is was 6 WEEKS LONG (!!!), I would say that it was very life-giving. Which is just about the best thing anything could ever be. So here are 10 things that gave me life over the last month and a half.
1. Best friends. The 6 of us celebrated our annual Best Friend Christmas Party at a cabin in Estes and everything about it was perfect (even the pushing-the-car-in-the-snow[-twice] part).

2. Denver New Year's Eve. We made SUSHI. Cathy and I were dying to try it and some naysayers thought it would turn out poorly. But it was delicious!

3. Justin Bieber-loving, radio-calling best friends. We tried to win JB tickets from Kiss-FM with no luck. But it was super fun and between the 4 of us we called 126 times (or something like that). 
4. Birthday-celebrating best friends. Since we won't all be together on our birthdays, Abby, Amanda, and I bought Butter Cream cupcakes and celebrated together before Abby left for school. I'm telling you, I have the most fun friends ever. 
5. Sister Time. Olivia spent the night at my new house and we made pasta, hot tubbed, watched chick flicks, and ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I love her!

6. New Roommates. The four girls I live with are wonderful! All so nice and welcoming. And they put pretty things on our kitchen table.
7. Visits with lovely Greeley friends. Olivia and I met Katie and Andrea for lunch in Loveland last weekend and it was the best! They are fun and silly and they mean so much to me. 
8. Puzzling sibling time. Olivia and I headed to Denver to hang out with Matthew and Alex. The 3 of us girls went on a run together, which was very fun (training for another half marathon...ahh!). We also ate great food, watched Looper, and put together some very challenging but very beautiful and fun puzzles! Alex and I rock at doing puzzles.

9. Letter-writing and decorating. I love snail-mail. I love writing letters, love receiving letters, and love pretty stationary. Alex made me some cards for Christmas and I'm putting them to good use along with some other pretty cards that have been gifts. I also put up the canvases that I made over Christmas break to add some beauty to my new room.  

10. My Wyldlife team. These guys are the best. I've gotten to spend some time with each of them over the last week and a half and I am so thankful for them!

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  1. you are life-giving in my life too, best friend. and i love all of your pics. cheers to blogging again.


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