Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Dump

AHH I have fallen so far behind on blogging and I'm sad about it. This post will just be one big photo dump, perhaps with some captions, because I really should be studying and not blogging. This is my compromise. Enjoy some pictures from the last couple weeks...

Kenyon Halloween theory on costumes: when in doubt, wear an 80's outfit + a tutu

Young Life Halloween Party...Amanda and I LOVE dancing together. Dance parties are our favorites!
Liv's softball banquet...she's a stud!
Beautiful sunset from the lasted forever!

Vegan Thanksgiving/birthday celebration...delish.
Birthday Girl!
My gift for her...and for me ;)
We both got to vote for the first time on Liv's 18th birthday!!
Max's birthday celebration at Waffle House with Team Kinard

That's what's been happening here. Also, I just got back from Wyldlife Snow Camp and it was wonderful...but I'm saving that for another post. Happy Monday! Happy 4 days til Thanksgiving break :):):)

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