Monday, February 25, 2013

Jesus is good to me!

When lovely little surprises happen, Tristin always says, "Jesus loves me!" Like this morning. I had a very restful weekend and it was perfect, but I still didn't feel quite ready to take on this week. But I scraped my icy windows and drove along the snowy roads to the elementary school I volunteer at. I was feeling a little guilty because I knew I would walk in a couple minutes after 9. The crossing guard wasn't at the entrance to the parking lot and that was confusing. Then I looked and there were only about 6 cars in the parking lot. I circled around and read the white board that said: "Families, school starts at 11 am." YESSSS. An extra two hours in my morning to do whatever I want. Jesus loves me.

I've missed blogging recently! So here is a long overdue post. A week and a half ago, Liv and I headed to Denver for VVVCC (Vivacious Vicki's Vegan Cooking Class). We were having a little Valentine's celebration with the girls. It wasn't my favorite meal that we've ever made, but it was still good. We made lemon couscous, tofu schnitzel, brussel sprouts, and a chocolate pudding made with avocados (!). Oh, and some teriyaki cashew lettuce wraps that were delicious! Vicki bought each of us a cute card (mine had red cowboy boots on perfect) and a big box of candy. We finished the night by practicing some origami so we can help these sweet little girls out someday! It's just as hard and terribly frustrating as it looks..

Olivia and I spent the whole weekend in Denver and it was so much fun. We went to Wild Eggs for brunch and I got these delish berry crepes. Then the three of us girls went on a run together...our training is coming along quite nicely! We also watched Taken 2, which was entertaining. On Sunday we got to go to Matthew and Alex's church for the first time. Never have I ever seen so many 20-something year-old couples in one church. But I loved the service and it was so fun to be there with Matthew and Alex!

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