Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Oh, I am so missing blogging! I've gotten in this cycle of busyness and stress and not making time for things that I really love because I've forgotten how much I love them. Primarily, blogging. Things on my to-do list right now include getting an oil change (which I SO do not want to do because it makes me feel like an adult, which I absolutely am not), babysitting, studying, writing thank-you's, compiling a WL Dream Day list, seeing a Christmas movie with my mom and Liv, etc. So a good post may have to wait a couple more days. BUT...just know that we are getting into the Christmas spirit these days here at the McDermott house and good things are happening. Here's a precious picture to tide you over for a real post...Christmas sweaters and babies...better yet, babies in Christmas sweaters...what more could you ask for??
And here's a link to my best friend's blog with our video from Dream Day 2012. Embarrassing that I haven't even written about that yet. Enjoy :)

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