Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recent life in pictures

Before the cold came I got some great study time outside in leggings and a tank...perfect. It was a big study day so I had to move locations a few times...

Birthday Club was a great success...check out these precious girls with their rockin costumes! Also Greg. I'm giving my first club talk this week so pray for me!!
I got to spend a chilly weekend at camp! It was such a blessing to be there...it's good for my heart to be in that place of beauty and community. On Friday, we got to take the camp truck out for an emergency breakfast-food Safeway run. I was driving the truck and loving my life. We bought 10 dozen eggs, 4 gallons of milk, and 7 boxes of sausage links. We woke up to a white field and frosty trees both mornings. Even though I'm wishing Fall weather would last forever and winter would hold off, it was beautiful!

On our way out of Estes, we saw this giant herd of elk in some local backyards...cool! Thanks Estes, thanks Fall...y'all delivered.
Today I got a package in the mail. It was the vintage postcards that I'd ordered from ebay! After finding this gem of a postcard for Cathy, I decided I needed to keep an eye out for more awesome postcards. And I'm not disappointed by my cheap, straight-from-China purchase.

I've been watching old episodes of The Office and I'm loving it. Pam and Jim's relationship is even greater, more sad, and sweeter than I'd remembered. Also I just watched "Business School." It's the one when Michael speaks to Ryan's business school class and Dwight catches the bat (on Meredith's head). I'm convinced it's one of the most awkward episodes ever made.

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