Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play

I apologize that this post is pretty much just a stream of consciousness aka me rambling about my week. But blogging hasn't been a huge priority or possibility recently and I want to fill you in on as much as possible. So actually, sorry I'm not sorry. Also, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Atlanta but I heard that song on the radio the other day and I felt like it would make a good blog post title. And didn't want to wait until it was actually relevant.

This last week included a few great days at camp, 2 Rockies games (one with Camp T friends and one with family & fireworks...both awesome), an incredible camping trip, a delicious food truck, fun Denver-seeing, and cousin time. So basically, it rocked.

I got to fill in at camp for a few days. I worked in the kitchen and really had no idea what I was doing...so I felt kind of foolish and not incredibly helpful, but the sweet girls in there were patient with me. It was really great to experience another part of camp, to spend time with my wonderful cov members, and to get a preview of my last 5 weeks of summer.

My impromptu camp trip interfered with plans to go to the sand dunes (on my list of 21 things before I'm 21), so we did a very spontaneous trip to Carter Lake instead. Abby, Amanda, Christy and me. It was glorious! It included a delicious salad dinner (no fires allowed), cookies with gross raspberry frosting (my fault), a couple hours of quality time on the dock, sleeping under the stars, and poptarts & juice from the carton for breakfast. We asked each other good questions about our lives and we also played "Who would you kill, do, and marry?" Highly inappropriate and awkward, but incredibly awesome and hilarious. And these are a few of my friends that I can be totally and completely myself around...such freedom and joy comes from that.

Martin is visiting this week, which is the bomb. That means we've been laughing lots and working out lots. Matthew and Martin presented our dad with his Father's Day/59th bday/60th bday gift, which is a trip to Scotland next June! He was pumped and immediately began speaking in a [terrible] Scottish accent. It was awesome. Our fitness challenge also ended on Sunday and that's a big deal...results TBA.

On Friday night Martin, Matthew, Alex, and I stopped at a food truck called the Pink Tank. Please check out their menu. Martin and I got the Finger Lickin' Waffles & Chicken (under "Other" on the menu) and it was literally one of the best things I've ever tasted. Syrup and hot sauce...pure brilliance. And the man selling us the food was hilarious and super fun slash loud and inappropriate. I'm already planning to try to get free food from him on my 21st birthday.

On Saturday, I took Mom and Olivia to this great ice cream place in Denver, called Sweet Action. Great name, great atmosphere, great ice cream. We also explored a couple really cool stores right near there. 

I wish I had more pictures from the last week but this will have to do for now. Hopefully I can wrangle some from Abby and Martin for a future post. In other news, the Indianapolis cousins are here and we are getting geared up for the 4th of July!

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