Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Babies, puppies, weddings, and everything good

Last Friday I got to babysit my wonderful cousins, Anna and Jackson. Jackson is a baby and all babies are cute, but he is especially cute.
In other news, Cathy decided to foster a puppy until she gets adopted, so we are loving our lives. She is also crazy cute (the puppy, not Cathy...).

ALSO. I'm so excited. Because:
1. I finished my finals today...woooooo.
2. Christmas is coming.
3. Even sooner, I'm going to ARIZONA!!! With my best friends. And by sooner, I mean tomorrow. For the WEDDING of another one of our best friends (and Young Life leaders), Danielle. It is seriously going to be so wonderful. It has been a bit of a struggle planning this trip with 6 girls that have never had to do all this alone (book a flight, book a hotel, plan transportation, etc). But it is going to be an adventure and it is going to be magical. Can't wait! We'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you.

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